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Aser Hailu
Aser Hailu

The granite nation team and Imran in particular was great they helped me source a rare quartz style and closely match it to my existing counters. They were very responsive and even came back on the weekend to fix the holes on my vanity! Would recommend to other builders

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I had a great experience with Imran Rafic owner of Granite Nations. Excellent workmanship and great customer service was given by Imran. He has good knowledge of all his services and products. I am extremely satisfied with the finishes and Installations by his excellent team. The job was done on schedule for counter tops. Granite Nations is highly recommendable.

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Audrey Cooper
Audrey Cooper

Competitive pricing, good workmanship, very good quality and customer service, we are so happy we choose Granite Nations Inc. to replace our countertops. Imran and his team did an excellent job, they were always on time from the first appointment to installing the countertops, left no mess behind and we are very happy with the finished product!

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Sebastian Burlacu
Sebastian Burlacu

Great experience. Imran was pleasant to deal with and helpful. The stone selection is good, with various manufacturers and lots of available styles. The installers were excellent, with very high attention to detail and care for the workspace. They ensured we were happy before they left, and we didn’t feel rushed to just say yes and finish. When I asked for a bit more polishing on one edge, they were happy to do it. The stone is good, with a fantastic beveled edge that is exactly as I envisioned. Thanks Granite Nations!

Edit: two years later the countertop has no stains and is just as shiny and excellent. Would definitely recommend these guys and be happy to go back for any future countertops.

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Valco Servant
Valco Servant

Good service

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Lorna Gittens
Lorna Gittens

We are extremely pleased with having selected Granite Nations Inc. install our quarts kitchen countertop just over a month ago. Besides having many great selections, Imran was amazing to deal with. He was very informative, pleasant, and professional as he interacted with us, His suggestion to take some samples home before making a decision was very helpful. The installers were also quite polite and professional. We will not hesitate to recommend G N to our friends and family. Thank you Imran for a job well done.

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Ebrahim B
Ebrahim B

Granite Nations was recommended by our contractor. We had exceptional service from start to completion. From choosing the right material, to pricing, timing and installation. Would highly recommend them. Thanks again to Imran and his team.

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Bronwyn Sullivan
Bronwyn Sullivan

They have a Great Selection, I got a new piece for my kitchen island. They were fast and efficient with ordering my piece of granite and the installation of it as well. I would highly recommend Granite Nations.

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EC Catral
EC Catral

We had a great experience with Imran Rafic of Granite Nations. Excellent accommodation and very good customer service was rendered to us. Imran is very knowledgeable with the company’s products. We were extremely satisfied with the finished product and its fine workmanship. The job was done on schedule. For counter tops, Granite Nations is highly recommendable.

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Rebecca s

Granite Nations did a wonderful job with our kitchen and both of our bathroom countertops! Imran made the process of choosing, purchasing and installing our countertops very easy. He gave us advice as to which quartz/brands were the best quality. When it came to demolition Granite Nations did all of the work and the two men who came to install the new countertops were very nice as well. The quality of their work is amazing as seen from the attached pictures. Overall I will be recommending Granite Nations to friends and family!

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With its unceasing aim of bringing exquisite, precious, and value-for-money granite and quartz countertops to your doorstep for your kitchen and bathroom, GraniteNations tops the charts in terms of serving top-notch products with the best quality and remarkable installation services. 

We not only provide various products, including custom cabinets and custom backsplashes, but we also cover seven areas, including the Greater Toronto Area, with our outstanding countertop remodeling services to enhance the overall look of your kitchen and bathroom at affordable rates. In addition, to let our customers match their personal style and aesthetics, Granite Nations have a plethora of unique designs, patterns, and colors to choose from.

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How Are Quartz Countertops Attached To Cabinets?

Have you ever wondered why quartz countertops are becoming more popular? Homeowners install this material because it offers aesthetic appeal, versatility, and durability. Attaching quartz countertops to cabinets is difficult. However, with the help of experts at Granite Nations, this installation process can become easy. Here’s how are quartz countertops attached to cabinets: Calculate the […]

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Granite Countertop on a Bathroom Vanity

How to Install a Granite Countertop on a Bathroom Vanity?

Are you considering installing a granite countertop on a bathroom vanity but don’t know how to do it? You have come to the right place! You don’t always need professional services for this purpose. It is an easy process if you have the right knowledge. First of all, you need to ensure that the bathroom […]

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Toe Kick on Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Toe Kick on Kitchen Cabinets?

Our toes stick out in front when we stand, so kitchen cabinets have a space at the bottom called a toe kick. It’s usually 3 inches deep and 4 inches high. This part is left uncovered until the last finishing phase when it is covered with boards. Installing it is usually easy, but it can be […]

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Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Baseboard Under Kitchen Cabinets?

The base is a vital part of kitchen cabinets that protects the structure from accidental liquid spills. At this base, a gap exists between the cabinet and the floor, which, if left unattended, can be unattractive. So, professionals like Granite Nations install baseboards under the kitchen cabinets to add a finishing touch. The base is […]

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Quartz vs. Granite vs. Corian. What are the Best Countertops?

Choosing between Quartz, Granite, and Corian countertops and determining the best one can be challenging. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your personal preferences, budget, and specific needs to determine the best one.  Quartz countertops offer durability, low maintenance, and various colors.  Granite countertops have a natural appearance and unique […]

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How to Install Granite Countertops on Concrete?

Are you considering renovating the kitchen and don’t know how to install the granite countertops on concrete? Save yourself the hassle of looking for help, as we have the experts at Granite Nations available! They will be in touch with me all the time from beginning to the end. Here are some simple steps to […]

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How To Work Around Baseboard Heaters In Kitchen

Baseboard heaters are a common heating solution in many homes, providing warmth and comfort during winter. Placing a baseboard heater can be quite a challenge for you when it comes to your kitchen design and functionality. To work around baseboard heaters in your kitchen in the best possible way, you should start by ensuring enough […]

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Kitchen Renovation

Evaluating the Pros and Cons for Your Next Renovation Project

Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel, kitchen renovation, or sprucing up your outdoor space, stone mosaic tiles offer versatility and style. However, like any renovation material, they come with their own set of pros and cons. Mosaic tiles offer numerous benefits, including versatility in design, durability, easy maintenance, and the ability to add visual interest […]

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Character and Strength for Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Designing an outdoor kitchen is fun because you can make a place valuable and beautiful for cooking, eating, and having guests over. The stone you choose for your outdoor kitchen floor will be one of the most important choices you’ll have to make during this process. Because there are so many choices, from raw stone to […]

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Choosing Between Granite And Quartz Countertops

Deciding on the kitchen countertop material is a significant decision as it impacts the overall aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. There are many materials you can choose from, but in order to ensure you choose the best one, you must weigh the pros and cons of your options. Many people prefer stone countertops compared to […]

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Install Kitchen Cabinets

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets Over Baseboard Heating

When it comes to kitchen design, space utilization is key. If your kitchen is equipped with baseboard heating, installing cabinets requires careful planning to ensure both functionality and safety. You should start by assessing the clearance requirements of the heating system and understanding the importance of maintaining proper airflow. When selecting cabinet designs, prioritize those […]

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Porous vs Non-Porous Countertops

What Is The Difference Between Porous And Non-Porous Countertops

When it comes to selecting the perfect countertops for the kitchen & bathroom, understanding the difference between porous and non-porous surfaces is crucial. Porous options like granite, marble, and wood have small openings that allow liquids and gasses to penetrate, offering unique aesthetics but requiring extra care and maintenance to prevent staining and bacterial growth. […]

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Quartz Countertop vs Granite Countertop

Quartz Countertop Or Granite Countertop: Which Is Best For Your Kitchen

Quartz countertops require low maintenance, are resistant to stains, and provide easy cleaning and long-lasting beauty. The vast array of color options ensures seamless complementation with diverse kitchen designs, and the uniform appearance appeals to those seeking a sleek and modern aesthetic. On the other hand, granite countertops, crafted from natural stone, boast timeless beauty […]

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Granite Countertops

How To Install Granite Countertops On Existing Cabinets

Countertops for the kitchen and bathroom can elevate the aesthetic appeal and provide exceptional durability and timeless beauty. If you’re looking to enhance your kitchen space without undergoing a complete renovation, installing granite countertops on existing cabinets is a fantastic option. To successfully install granite countertops, begin by carefully choosing the right stone, considering various […]

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renovate a small kitchen in Canada

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Small Kitchen in Canada?

In Canada, the average cost of renovating a small kitchen ranges from $10,000 to $25,000, depending on factors such as materials, labor, and the scope of the makeover. Taking on a kitchen remodel can be a thrilling and terrifying adventure, particularly when square footage is at a premium. Like small kitchens anywhere else, Canadian ones […]

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kitchen renovations

Do I need a permit to renovate my kitchen in Ontario?

Putting your stamp on the room that serves as the hub of your house through a kitchen renovation may be a thrilling adventure. However, you must be aware of the Ontario permitting regulations for kitchen renovations before you begin this process. This article will explore the subject of whether or not a permit is necessary […]

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Granite Countertop

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Kitchen Renovation costs can be a handful to deal with. So, what exactly can you expect to spend on kitchen remodeling? A good-looking kitchen isn’t built overnight. It can take days and sometimes weeks for the contractor to finish it up. Many of things go into remodeling a kitchen, such as replacing countertops, installing a […]

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Quartz vs Granite: What Is The Difference

Do you want to renovate or remodel your kitchen counter? If so, you will get several options. There are two of the most popular countertop surfaces including quartz and granite. You can choose anyone from both of them. But many people have one question in their mind that is which one is better and what […]

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Can the Granite Countertops be messed up?

House owners believe that the granite countertops cannot be messed up. However, everything seems to have a little weakness. It is the tough and rough nature of the granite that makes the countertops in the kitchen seemingly indestructible. However, there are several reasons that lead to the damage of the granite countertops. Let us explore […]

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6 Tips to Select the Best Granite for You

Granite is a luxurious and elegant material that can improve the aesthetic feel of the house and the interior space. While mostly used for granite countertops, this is the best material for floors too. As long as you seal the granite you install outside, granites can be the best material for improving the outdoors. Not […]

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Why Have a Granite Countertop for Outdoor Kitchen?

Most love to have an outside kitchen- of course, it is a lucrative and innovative expense considering a home investment. You can either have a barbeque island, a simple kitchen with a countertop, or a multi-functional kitchen with all the facilities you expect. When you are planning to design an outside kitchen, there are certain […]

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Popular Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for 2021

We need our restrooms to be intelligent, wealthy, and, most importantly, places where we can withdraw, unwind, and figure out an ideal opportunity for ourselves. These washroom patterns will assist you with accomplishing the above-mentioned. Blended Schemes Restrooms are presently less limited to clinical white, cleaned clay, and a spotless contemporary feel. Instead, individuals are […]

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What To Consider Before Getting A Bathroom Cabinet?

Bathrooms are one of those soothing places where an individual gets unique and innovative ideas without brainstorming. The reason is unknown, but it indeed does! Thus, a bathroom that is well-managed and maintained is a must for one to have those ideas flowing steadily. When considering bathroom upgrades, it’s important to explore reasons why you […]

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Top Kitchen Countertop Ideas in 2020

The kitchen is the place where all the action takes place- if you know what I mean? What makes the kitchen so great? Is it the cabinet? Is it the color palette you choose? According to me, it is the countertops that make the kitchen place so appealing and make people say “Wooooooowwww”! It sets […]

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Trending Kitchen Cabinets for 2020 And Beyond

Decades prior, the kitchen was covered up in the rear of the house. It was where dinners were arranged and grimy dishes were washed. Quick forward to 2020 and the kitchen has a vastly different job. Today, the kitchen is the point of convergence of the home, the spot that unites everybody toward the beginning […]

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4 Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertop

No matter which material countertop you have installed in your kitchen, it may begin to crack and wear down over time. Quality kitchen countertops are meant to remain as it is for a long time, but visible damages may warn you to replace them as soon as possible. In case you overlook the minor damages […]

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What Is The Most Popular Countertop Surface Material & Why?

Though you have several options to create countertops that enhance the curb appeal of your kitchen when it comes to choosing the most popular countertop surface, quartz is the prominent choice of people. Whether you are constructing a new home or renovating the existing one, if you are planning to install the countertop and confused […]

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Tips To Choose The Right Cabinet For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a small, but most important part of your home that reflects your lifestyle. When it comes to choosing a cabinet for your kitchen, you have a variety of styles, materials, and designs to choose from. However, most people keep the cost in mind, and a good understanding of design is also necessary […]

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Choosing The Quartz Kitchen Countertop? Read This First

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen and considering quartz countertops, it is suitable for a striking new look. The quartz is an alternative to granite and marble with several advantages over other materials for countertops. So, quartz is the right material for your kitchen countertop. Below, you will read about the reasons why […]

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5 Reason Why Wall Mounted Vanities Are So Popular

Wall mounted vanities that are also known as the floating vanities are one of the amazing bathroom designs. These are mostly found in commercial and industrial settings like hotels. But, now the wall mounted vanities are becoming extremely popular in residential areas. The reasons why the wall-mounted vanities have become a most significant recent trend […]

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Top 6 Reasons To Choose Granite

Granite is becoming the first choice of people for kitchen remodels, bathroom cabinets, counters, and several other applications. However, most people are unaware of its qualities, and still, they choose it due to its popularity. No matter if it is your home or office, choosing granite vanities and countertops offers excellent qualities. It comes in […]

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What Not To Do When Choosing A Kitchen Countertop

The right choice of kitchen countertop can make your kitchen more appealing and increase the value of your home. No matter, if you choose marble, granite, or quartz countertops, it is vital to select the right one. The thing that matters most is your choice to design your kitchen. Whether you want your kitchen to […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom is a place where you spend a good time to get ready for the day ahead. Your bathroom could be the smallest room, but it is the busiest place. To organize everything correctly, you need a cabinet that improves the overall functionality of your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom cabinets, you may […]

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Top 5 Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Trends

From natural stones to customization, you have so many countertop options to choose from. Whether you are going to construct or renovate your home, you must be sure to invest in quality materials. Your countertop should be perfect in terms of look and long-lasting you should pay value to your money. It is all about […]

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Granite Vs Quartz, Which Kitchen Countertop Should I Install?

Gone are the days when people have some limited options for the countertops. Nowadays, there is a comprehensive range in terms of size, style, and design to be chosen for kitchen countertops. Among several choices, Quartz vs Granite are giving competition with each other. Because these both are performing an amazing job as kitchen countertops. […]

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3 Common Types of Modern Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project? If yes, consider installing wall cabinets that greatly enhance the looks and space of your bathroom. Not only do they provide extra storage space for putting towels and other necessary items but also ensure tidiness. If you are buying cabinets for the first time, opt for modern designs […]

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Top 5 Backsplash Ideas To Make Your Kitchen More Appealing

By far the backsplash design has become a necessary part of your kitchen appearance. Traditionally, the tiles took place first in remodeling your kitchen, later backsplash plays the role of improving your kitchen look. Currently, if you explore the market, you will be amazed by the amazing realistic design of the backsplash. Numerous designs are […]

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Top 5 Preferable Cabinet Colors to Enhance Your Kitchen Beauty

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is, colour. What kind of colour, do you want to see in your kitchen countertops, cabinet, and custom backsplash? You may be thinking of choosing a colour that displays your own decorating style like stay for long last, low maintenance, and […]

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