Granite Vs Quartz, Which Kitchen Countertop Should I Install?

Gone are the days when people have some limited options for the countertops. Nowadays, there is a comprehensive range in terms of size, style, and design to be chosen for kitchen countertops. Among several choices, Quartz vs Granite are giving competition with each other. Because these both are performing an amazing job as kitchen countertops.

Keeping the significant quality, the granite and quartz countertops are making people confused about choosing any of these two. So, here are the tips that can help in making a good decision for choosing the right one.

Difference Between Granite & Quartz

Granite has the most notable aesthetic quality. It is a kind of igneous rock which is mined in quarries. It is extracted from the earth and polished to be used as tiles and building materials. On the other hand, quartz is a mineral which is found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. The Quartz countertops are designed by combining crushed quartz with the help of polymer resin and colored pigments. The mixture is then kept under vacuum pressure to produce dense and non-porous slabs. Later, these are polished before delivery.

Design Separation

When you want to give your home a natural look then granite could be a good choice as it possesses natural swirls. The quartz can easily be dyed with your choice of color so that it can match your residential appearance. Granite can also be dyed, but quartz is easy to dye.

Resistance Material

Both granite and quartz can chip and scratch when something drops on it. But, it doesn’t cause your countertop to damage earlier. Quartz is waterproof as it is designed under more controlled conditions. Being naturally porous, the granite is relatively hard. Most probably the contractor seals the granite with a protective layer during the installation.

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