5 Reason Why Wall Mounted Vanities Are So Popular

Wall mounted vanities that are also known as the floating vanities are one of the amazing bathroom designs. These are mostly found in commercial and industrial settings like hotels. But, now the wall mounted vanities are becoming extremely popular in residential areas.

The reasons why the wall-mounted vanities have become a most significant recent trend in bathroom décor as given below:

  1. Extra Space
    The wall mounted vanities provide extra space to store and organize all the toiletries, linens, and other bathroom necessities as well as make your bathroom look large.

  2. Personal Customization
    Another benefit of wall mounted vanity is it makes you more selective about height and placement so that you can customize it perfectly as per your preferences and needs.

  3. Sturdy & Light
    Wall mounted vanities come in a variety of designs and they are comparatively lighter than their floor-standing counterparts. It means you can move it around quickly and easily.

  4. Lasting Value
    The wall mounted vanities in your bathroom not only look sleek and beautiful, but they are strong enough to last for a lifetime. Being a popular trend, it comes with styles that last for many years to come.

  5. Easily Cleaning
    No awkward nooks, no corners, and no place for dust bunnies to grow. Wall mounted vanities make your bathroom breathing means you can clean each corner easily.

Wall mounted vanities are capable of changing the entire look of your bathroom. If you are also planning to install a stylish bathroom vanity, reach us at Granite Countertops. We are your locally owned and operated company to ensure professional and guaranteed work. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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