How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Kitchen Renovation costs can be a handful to deal with. So, what exactly can you expect to spend on kitchen remodeling?

A good-looking kitchen isn’t built overnight. It can take days and sometimes weeks for the contractor to finish it up. Many of things go into remodeling a kitchen, such as replacing countertops, installing a new island, dining table, kitchen cabinets, etc. It all comes down to the space you have and the changes you wish to make to your kitchen. These factors design the cost of a kitchen renovation. So, if you’re wondering about kitchen renovation costs or how much you can expect to pay for renovating your kitchen, then let’s help you understand it.

2 Things Kitchen Remodeling Costs Depend On

The average cost of kitchen renovation might be around $195 per square foot—if you are going for major upgrades. However, it all comes down to the two main things that can help you increase/decrease the cost of your kitchen renovation. Here they are:

  • Time

The amount of time it might take to renovate your kitchen can decide the entire cost. It’s simple math; the more time it takes, the more you will have to pay. So, how do you go about preventing that? You surely shouldn’t rush anything.

However, planning ahead of time can help you reduce the cost of overall kitchen remodeling. Here are some tips you can try to save some time:

  • Plan ahead of time;
  • Consult with an expert;
  • Go ahead and get materials ready before you get started;
  • Get materials like protective renovation sheets;
  • And prepare all the materials before labor arrives to begin working.

So, when the renovation finally begins, everything required will be at hand. 

  • Building Materials

Besides planning, choosing the right material can also affect the cost. Now, there’s no doubt that spending more will get you some of the best equipment. But that also doesn’t mean you need to go all-out on everything.

There are many great materials that are valued for money. So, pick the right material that fits your budget, as well as your requirements. 

5 Things To Estimate Kitchen Renovation Costs

Now let’s talk about the cost and figures that you can expect. To estimate the basic kitchen renovation cost in Canada, we will be analyzing a few key products that you will need. This will include Kitchen countertops and cabinets.

As well as other building materials like flooring, sink, plumbing, paint, drywall, appliances, windows, etc. So, here’s what you will have to keep in mind and estimate remodeling costs: 

  • Kitchen Design

Kitchen design alone can squeeze a few dollars out of you. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. A good designer can help you make the most of your space and save you a ton of time, material, and cost as well. This means spending a bit on kitchen design can help you cut costs elsewhere. 

  • Cabinets

Custom hardwood cabinets can cost anywhere from $360 to $1250 per linear foot. Whereas semi-custom hardwood would cost you half as much, and stock or MDF would cost you even less. So, pick your cabinet materials wisely. 

  • Countertop Types And Prices

Countertops are perhaps the jewel of any well-designed kitchen. Even if you cheap out on the cabinets and other elements, a good-quality countertop can hide all of that. Whether it’s the general kitchen counter or island top, you can get various types of countertops, such as:

  • $30-$70(Cheapest)Laminate
  • $70-$250(Cheaper)Quarters
  • $54-$300(Average)Hardwood
  • $102-$360(Good)Marble
  • $72-$300(Great)Granite
  • $100-$215(Best)Stainless steel

Bear in mind that all these prices are per square foot and installed. So, if you are installing them yourself or getting cheap labor, then you might even reduce prices on some of them. 

  • Flooring or Tiling

Tiling is something that many people leave untouched in kitchen renovation. But if you do plan on redoing the flooring/tiling, then you’ll likely do it ahead of everything else. So, this should be one of the first things you should consider. 

  • Electricity and Plumbing

Electricity and plumbing aren’t going to cost you a fortune, but it won’t be cheap either. If you are going to leave your existing plumbing and electricity untouched, then you must hire a good general contractor that doesn’t damage those two things. Because then you might have to pay around $160-$300 per hour. 

Fancy countertop


Understand What is Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling or renovation is the process of redesigning and rearranging the layout of a kitchen. This process can be minor or major, depending on the preference and present condition of the kitchen. Some kitchen renovations are mild, while others are top-to-bottom.

For instance, mild renovations might include:

  • Kitchen Mild Renovation

  • Replacing the countertop, including islands
  • Changing the cabinet doors/colors
  • Fixing or adding new faucets, sinks, etc
  • And fixing hinges on cabinet doors or doing minor repairs


Whereas major upgrades and renovations to the kitchen might include:

Kitchen Major Upgrades & Renovation

  • Changing the overall layout and design of the kitchen;
  • Adding or replacing kitchen ventilation and air circulation;
  • Changing countertop and base material entirely;
  • Changing the color and design of cabinets and other furniture in the kitchen;
  • Adding new accessories, i.e., oven, stove, microwave, etc.;
  • And adding new flooring, including wooden or tiled floors. 


So there’s no rocket science in understanding major or minor upgrades to a kitchen. So the changing trends in kitchen renovation can be held responsible for the growth of the kitchenware market in Canada. According to experts, it’s expected to grow by around 4.01% by 2027.  

It’s the same reason why Canada has $1.5 billion in annual sales for kitchen cabinets alone. That’s why kitchen remodeling or renovation comes down to the situation of the current kitchen, as well as the ambition of the person renovating their kitchen. 

Importance of Understanding Kitchen Remodeling Costs and Figures

Kitchen renovation can be a lengthy process if not done properly. And when you do it properly, it might just take a day or two. But it all depends on whether you are looking for major upgrades or minor changes. 

Any basic renovation can cost you a fortune if you do not have a plan. If you’re in Canada, then you will find that kitchen renovation costs can be quite high. This is because the builders/contractors keep various things in mind, including:

  • Material and Labor
  • Designing and layout planning
  • Permits 
  • And other hidden costs

So, what happens when you don’t consider how much a kitchen renovation costs? You end up paying more than you should. Staying in the loop of any sort of renovation is one of the most important things you can do. That’s why the cost of a kitchen renovation can vary if you are involved. This way, you can be a part of the following:

  • Material selection
  • Design and layout planning 
  • Prevent hidden costs

Therefore, it’s necessary to stay in the loop of kitchen remodeling costs and figures before you get started.


5 Practices To Save Kitchen Renovation Costs

There are some practices that you can commit to and reduce the small kitchen renovation cost. Or, this can reduce a full kitchen renovation cost if you are careful. So, here are five tips experts suggest: 

  • Decide A Budget

A hefty budget doesn’t always mean the best for you. However, deciding on a budget will let your contractor know the average kitchen renovation cost per square foot. Bearing that in mind, the contractor will decide on the materials, hours, and labor. 

  • Do Not Rush

Rushing anything can ruin the chances of a good deal. So, instead of doing it a couple of weeks before Christmas time, do it sometime this summer and work on it for a couple of weeks. Because anything urgent might add extra cost, and you may not get a satisfactory product in the end.

  • Renovate During Sales/Discounts

The reason people are inclined to renovate during the holiday season is the sales and discounts. Now, you can renovate later, but purchasing the right materials during those sales and discounts can help save you a penny. 

  • DIY All You Can

Tiling, electricity, plumbing, and other complicated matters should be left to an expert. But do whatever you can yourself can save you labor costs. So, this means you can try simple repairs, cabinet installation, painting, etc. This will bring the kitchen renovation cost per square foot drastically for you. Additionally, how to install kitchen cabinets over baseboard heating can be managed with proper guidance, contributing to cost savings and a successful renovation project.

  • Get Value-For-Money Materials

As mentioned before, the cost of kitchen renovation or nearby areas can be a little bit high. But picking the right materials does not mean picking top-of-the-shelf expensive items. You can get value-for-money materials and save costs. But for that, you will need an experienced contractor who is aware of the prices of materials and general kitchen renovation costs.


These are the best practices and things you need to know about renovating your kitchen. Kitchen renovation costs can vary depending on your kitchen size and the type of renovation you need. But thorough planning and understanding of building materials can help save you a ton of time, and money and, most importantly, prevent multiple hassles. 

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