How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Small Kitchen in Canada?

In Canada, the average cost of renovating a small kitchen ranges from $10,000 to $25,000, depending on factors such as materials, labor, and the scope of the makeover. Taking on a kitchen remodel can be a thrilling and terrifying adventure, particularly when square footage is at a premium. Like small kitchens anywhere else, Canadian ones have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to get an accurate estimate of the cost of kitchen renovation.

Cost to Renovate a Small Kitchen in Canada

In this detailed guide, we will explore all the many factors that go up to the cost of a modest kitchen renovation in Canada.

Setting the Budget

It is critical to set a reasonable budget before beginning the renovation process. You can use the budget as a roadmap to make smart choices about how to spend your money. Think about things like the renovation’s scale, the materials’ quality, and any extra features you want to add.

Costs of Labour

A large chunk of any renovation budget goes toward labor expenses. To guarantee a successful kitchen makeover, it is necessary to use skilled specialists, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and general contractors to find out the exact csot of kitchen renovation service. Generally speaking, labor expenses in major Canadian cities tend to be greater than those in more rural areas. Finding a happy medium between price and quality of work is possible with some research, negotiation, and numerous bids from contractors.

Cabinetry and Storage:

To make the most of limited space, clever storage solutions are a must in small kitchens. The cost of having kitchen cabinets made to measure for your kitchen, whether fully or partially custom, may add up quickly. Several other variables, such as the wood species, finish, and hardware, can impact the final price. Open shelving or pull-out pantry units are two solutions to consider if you want to maximize storage without sacrificing beauty.


Both form and function depend on your choice of countertop material. Canadians often choose quartz, laminate, and granite countertops. Materials can have a major impact on final costs; for example, quartz is often more expensive than laminate. You should also factor in the expense of installation.


One typical aspect of kitchen remodels is the installation of new or upgraded appliances. Modern, energy-efficient appliances not only make the kitchen more practical, but they can also help save money in the long run. Appliance prices can vary greatly depending on factors including brand, features, and level of luxury or affordability.


When calculating the cost of a small kitchen renovation, flooring is another important component. When deciding between ceramic tile, vinyl, or hardwood, it’s important to weigh the materials’ longevity, beauty, and cost. Any changes or repairs to the subfloor should be factored into the overall installation budget.

Lighting and Fixtures

A well-lit kitchen is a visually and functionally pleasing space, and new lighting fixtures may transform into an old one. The most common types of lighting are under-cabinet, recessed, and pendant lights. Fixtures, wiring, and installation all add up, so be sure to include them in your budget.

Permits and Inspections

To make sure your remodeling is up to code, you might need to get a permit and have it inspected in Canada. Before you start budgeting, find out from your city hall whether any permissions are required.

Contingency Fund

Problems that aren’t anticipated throughout a refurbishment could end up costing more than expected. If you want to be financially prepared for modifications to your original plan or unforeseen obstacles, it’s a good idea to set aside some money in a contingency fund.

How long does it usually take to renovate a small kitchen?

Small kitchen renovations in Canada typically take 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the extent, complexity, and availability of supplies and labor.

Are permits required in Canada for simple kitchen renovations?

Permit requirements vary by municipality, although small kitchen modifications may not require permits in many circumstances. Check with your local authorities to ensure that building codes are followed.


Careful planning and budgeting are required to find out the exact cost of a small kitchen renovation in Canada by Granite Nations. You may confidently handle the renovation process by carefully evaluating each detail, from personnel prices to materials and permissions. Keep in mind that a well-planned and executed little kitchen renovation may do wonders for the practicality and resale value of your property. Even a small kitchen can be made into a fashionable and functional cooking sanctuary with careful design and a reasonable budget.

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