How To Work Around Baseboard Heaters In Kitchen

Baseboard heaters are a common heating solution in many homes, providing warmth and comfort during winter. Placing a baseboard heater can be quite a challenge for you when it comes to your kitchen design and functionality. To work around baseboard heaters in your kitchen in the best possible way, you should start by ensuring enough space of approximately 12 inches from the heater for your kitchen activities. Next, you should place the shelves and cabinets carefully with precision and proper measurement to avoid obstructing anything from the kitchen heaters, which can affect their efficiency.

Additionally, keeping your kitchen well-ventilated is important for safety, comfort, and maintaining a fresh and healthy environment. Kitchen baseboard heaters offer benefits like energy savings by maintaining cooler temperatures and saving space by mounting them on the wall, leaving more room for cabinets and appliances. It is advisable to seek help from leading kitchen cabinet companies like Granite Nations for the best possible solutions.

3 Ways To Work Around Baseboard Heaters In Kitchen

Some of the effective ways to work around baseboard heaters in your kitchen are as follows:

1. Evaluate The Space

First and foremost, you need to evaluate your kitchen space and ensure that it is approximately 12 inches away from the baseboard heater where you do your kitchen work. It is best to ensure the heater is in the best place to maintain a safe distance.

2. Create A Heat Ventilation

Creating your kitchen space well-ventilated is vital to ensure safety while working around baseboard heaters in your kitchen. It will keep the environment fresh and not congested. This is vital to ensure that you work in a better air quality safe, and healthier living environment for you and your family.

3. Selecting The Right Cabinet Placement

This is one of the key considerations if you’re looking to work around baseboard heaters in the kitchen. Don’t make the mistake of wrongly sizing and placing the cabinets, which may hinder the effectiveness of the heaters. Install Kitchen Cabinets Over Baseboard Heating requires careful planning to ensure proper placement and clearance for the heaters to function effectively. You need to ensure the accuracy of cabinet placement in your kitchen.

3 Benefits Of Baseboard Heaters In Kitchen

Let’s discuss the perks of having baseboard heaters in your kitchen!

1. Keep A Cooler Temperature To Save Money

By keeping your baseboard heaters in the kitchen at cooler temperatures and using baseboard heaters strategically, you can reduce overall energy consumption, which will save you money on your bills.

2. Space Saving

This is one of the compelling benefits, as baseboard heaters are typically placed on the wall of your kitchen space, taking minimal space and leaving wall space to place cabinets, shelves, countertops, and kitchen appliances.

3. Easy Installation And Maintenance

Baseboard heaters for the kitchen are easier to install and require less maintenance, which makes them more cost-effective. Plus, it is one of the most convenient heating solutions for your kitchen space.

How do you design around baseboard heaters?

When it comes to designing a baseboard heater for your kitchen, the same color is used for your wall to deflect focus from baseboard heaters. You can also distract it by placing other décor on the wall, like wall art and more.

Can you put things against baseboard heaters?

It is prescribed not to make the place combustible close to baseboard heaters in your kitchen in order to prevent any sort of fire hazard. This practice will also help you to maintain the airflow near the baseboard heater in the kitchen.

How do you control baseboard heaters?

Baseboard heaters are usually controlled by line-voltage thermostats. Most baseboard heaters come with a built-in thermostat, which makes it easier for you to control its temperature. It plays a vital role in efficiently working around baseboard heaters in the kitchen.


Working around baseboard heaters in the kitchen requires careful planning and some key considerations to ensure safety factors. By following tips like evaluating the space between the place, you’ll do all your kitchen work and the heater, placement of cabinets and shelves in the right place to avoid any trouble while working, and creating a well-ventilated kitchen space to ensure the safety and health of you and your family.  Lastly, if you’re looking for the best kitchen cabinets, you should choose none other than the leading company, Granite Nations.

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