How to Install Granite Countertops on Concrete?

Are you considering renovating the kitchen and don’t know how to install the granite countertops on concrete? Save yourself the hassle of looking for help, as we have the experts at Granite Nations available! They will be in touch with me all the time from beginning to the end. Here are some simple steps to help you install granite countertops on concrete.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install Granite Countertops on Concrete

If you want to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen and bathrooms simultaneously, installing Granite countertops onto concrete surfaces would be the best way. People often become worried about the process because they have concrete counters. But don’t worry! This step-by-step process will help with the installation!

1. Select the Suitable Vendor and Decide the Budget

The first step you should take is to select a suitable vendor. It would be best if you chose a few companies selling granite counters. Compare these companies’ prices, materials quality, and services. After deciding on the appropriate granite supplier, you can determine the budget according to your requirements.

2. Choose the Right Type of Granite

The next step in installing granite countertops on concrete is choosing the right granite type. Many patterns, colors, and designs are available from various suppliers. Reasons to choose granite include its durability, timeless elegance, and variety of styles that can complement different kitchen and bathroom designs. Choose the granite type according to the kitchen and bathroom styles. You should choose the correct durable and stylish granite.

3. Gather the Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Installing granite countertops on concrete requires a selection of tools that suit your intended goal. The countertop installer won’t use foreign materials but a caulk gun, personal protective gear, silicone caulk, earplugs, a diamond blade, and a circular saw. However, they should also obtain these instruments in conjunction with them.

4. Clear Away the Previously Installed Countertops

You should remove the old countertops carefully to avoid damage to the concrete base. With a utility knife, cutting the part off from the base is a simple task that you can do. But if the old countertop is still firmly attached, lift it with a broom and throw it away slowly and carefully. This step is crucial to prevent any damage to the concrete base, especially if you plan to have granite countertops installed, as they can be messed up if the base is not in good condition.

5. Correctly Measure the Concrete Slabs

Accurately measuring the granite countertop size is crucial to ensure successful installation.

  1.   Use a measuring tape to measure the concrete area.
  2.   Consider the obstacles and corners.
  3.   Double-check your measurements to avoid mistakes.

6. Reinforce and Secure the Countertops

This step is one of the most vital ones in the installation guidelines for granite countertops to concrete because it ensures flawless placement of the granite slab. You should clear away the debris and level the concrete base with sandpaper. Check to see if reinforcement and security require plywood or additional support brackets.

7. Carefully Cut the Granite

You should contact countertop-supplying companies like Granite Nations to learn if they will bring the already-cut granite to the location or have it cut at your home. If the granite is cut at the client’s house, they should know the process.

  1.   Transfer the measurements onto the granite slab and double-check them.
  2.   The installation team can use various tools and equipment to cut the slab, like a wet saw with a diamond blade.
  3.   They may take their time and follow all safety instructions for installing granite countertops to concrete.
  4.   They may carefully cut the granite, wearing gloves and goggles for protection.

8. Check the Fitting of the Slabs

Before permanently fixing the granite slabs, check if they fit perfectly. Place the freshly cut granite on the concrete surface and ensure you have cut it correctly. You can also make on-the-spot adjustments, like trimming the corners and edges.

9. Apply Adhesive on the Concrete

After confirming that the granite is cut correctly and fits perfectly on the concrete base, it’s time to apply the adhesive. The installation team will lift the granite carefully and use construction adhesive. This solution is specially designed to keep heavy construction materials bonded together.

10. Place the Granite Slab and Secure It

The team will carefully place the granite on the concrete surface and press it down firmly. To check if the granite slab is sitting evenly, use a level. This is a vital step of the granite installation process for concrete countertops because it ensures durability and longevity.

11. Seal the Granite Countertops

The last step is the seal. The seal is a shield so the stone won’t get stained or moisture penetrates.

  1.   You should read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  2.   After fifteen minutes of application, wipe off the excess solution.
  3.   Leave the seal and allow it to dry for at least one day.

Now, you can use your kitchen and might have understood how to install granite countertops on concrete.

Can granite be installed on concrete?

You can install granite on concrete by applying a strong construction adhesive. You can place heavy objects on top to ensure they bond perfectly. This is how to install granite countertops on concrete.

How is granite attached to cabinets?

The installation team uses construction adhesive to attach granite to the cabinets. The installer applies it carefully to the corners of the granite and cabinets, joining them together.

Is granite easy to install?

Attempting DIY installation can become difficult because of the heavy weight of the granite slab, which is prone to damage and breakage. Experts recommend hiring professionals for proper installation.


The installation steps mentioned above are simple and might look easy. However, the installation might become easier with proper tools, equipment, and expertise. You can hire professionals like Granite Nations, who will guide you every step of the way.

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