Top Kitchen Countertop Ideas in 2020

The kitchen is the place where all the action takes place- if you know what I mean? What makes the kitchen so great? Is it the cabinet? Is it the color palette you choose?

According to me, it is the countertops that make the kitchen place so appealing and make people say “Wooooooowwww”! It sets the tone and feel of the kitchen space.

Here are some trendy countertops designs of 2020.

Quartz is an alternative to granite, a natural rock that rocked as a kitchen countertops for decades. Granite absorbs any liquids and leaves a stain. However, this porous issue can be solved by using a sealant, but eventually, sealant wears off. Whereas quartz is non-porous and does not need sealing. Thus, it is a highly stain-resistant and hygienic countertop.

Patterned Countertops
Since countertops define the feel and aura of the kitchen space, it needs to pose a character too. Thanks to technology, now we can have creative patterns on the countertop. Say hello to the realistic veining on the kitchen tops. This is the perfect choice for the ones who are looking for something more realistic.

Neutral Tones and Trends
This year, people are preferring a softer toned theme as a home decor trend! Thus, instead of some black or blue tones, the inclination is more towards beige, grey, or white in the kitchen.

Sustainable Materials
It is not too late to realize the importance of mother-nature. Sustainable material use in the kitchen is the new trend. They are comparatively more durable and alluring.

Final Thoughts
Countertops are a big part of the kitchen decor. Homemakers or home seekers want their kitchen to look stunning. If you are looking for laid back countertops, contact Quartz Countertops today. When considering options, it’s crucial to also consider character and strength for outdoor kitchen countertops, ensuring durability and functionality in outdoor cooking spaces.

Get the trendiest kitchen decor countertop ideas to make your cooking place look like heaven.

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