How Are Quartz Countertops Attached To Cabinets?

Have you ever wondered why quartz countertops are becoming more popular? Homeowners install this material because it offers aesthetic appeal, versatility, and durability. Attaching quartz countertops to cabinets is difficult. However, with the help of experts at Granite Nations, this installation process can become easy. Here’s how are quartz countertops attached to cabinets:

  • Calculate the amount of quartz countertops needed
  • Choose and Order the Right Material
  • Cut the Quartz Slabs into Measures
  • Clear the Obstructions
  • Remove the Old Countertops
  • Hire the Suitable Countertop Installation Companies
  • Test the Fitting of the Countertops
  • Install the Sink and Ledgers
  • Protect the Quartz Countertops
  • Apply the Silicone Adhesive
  • Place the Quartz Countertops and Apply Pressure
  • Apply Seal Between Joints
  • Apply the Finishing

13 Methods To Attach Quartz Countertops to Cabinets

Although installing quartz countertops on cabinets is a smooth and straightforward procedure, it requires careful planning and execution to ensure functionality and enhance beauty. When you follow the steps mentioned below, you ensure successful outcomes.

1. Calculate The number of Quartz Countertops Needed

The first step is to measure the countertops in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Measure each counter separately and note the measurements on paper. The employees then draw a rough sketch of the kitchen area to order the correct measurements.

2. Choose and Order the Right Material

The next step is to choose a suitable quartz countertop. Homeowners should consider factors like;

  • Color
  • Pattern consistency
  • Durability
  • Stain resistance
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Budget

Select a reputed supplier who offers a wide range of quartz and take the correct measurements.

3. Cut the Quartz Slabs to Measures

Homeowners have two choices for cutting and attaching quartz countertops to cabinets.

  • The first option is to send the measurements to suppliers, who will then send the cut quartz countertops to your location.
  • The second choice is to let the installation team from Granite Nations work at your house and install the countertops.

4. Clear the Obstructions

Clear the kitchen area and remove the decorative items, appliances, and kitchenware. This will create space in the kitchen where you can work smoothly and constantly. Arrange your tools, equipment, and materials in the emptied space.

5. Remove the Old Countertops

If you are renovating your kitchen, remove the old countertops before mounting quartz countertops on cabinets.

  • You can use pry bars to lift the countertops.
  • People use screwdrivers to remove screws.
  • Utility knives cut through caulking.
  • Drills are required for stubborn fasteners.

6. Hire the Suitable Countertop Installation Companies

You should hire installation companies like Granite Nations because they have experience working with quartz and skilled professionals. They are experts in their fields and know how to install quartz countertops correctly.

7. Test the Fitting of the Countertops

After cutting the quartz slabs, test the countertops’ fit. Place the cut quartz on the countertops and check for necessary adjustments. The cut slab should fit perfectly on the countertops.

8. Install the Sink and Ledgers

Before securing quartz countertops to cabinets, you should hire a plumber to install the sink. To improve safety, you must also install supports or ledgers. Make sure to install kitchen fixtures and other appliances.

9. Protect the Quartz Countertops

It would be best to cover the quartz countertops with plastic. This precaution will prevent damage, such as chips, stains, and scratches when you install the slabs on the cabinets. It would also be best to protect the cabinets by covering them with cloth.

10. Apply the Silicone Adhesive

A silicone adhesive is the best option for gluing the quartz slabs to the cabinets. This glue will create a solid bond to prevent moisture penetration and ensure stability. Apply the adhesive to the top edges to secure the quartz countertops to the cabinets.

11. Place the Quartz Countertops and Apply Pressure

Carefully place the quartz countertop on the cabinets. Then, apply pressure to ensure the adhesive creates a strong bond between them.

12. Apply Seal Between Joints

Next, apply the seal after attaching the quartz countertops to the cabinets. Use seals at the joints to maintain moisture and ensure longevity.

13. Apply the Finishing

You can add the finishing touches after attaching the quartz countertops to the cabinets and applying the seal. Apply a layer of sealant that provides extra protection and enhances the shine of the quartz countertops. You can also clean off the impurities and apply polish to the surface.


Learning how granite countertops are attached to cabinets will ensure a flawless installation that enhances the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Calculate the number of granite countertops required, choose and order the suitable material, and cut the granite slabs into measures. Also, clear the obstructions, remove the old countertops, and test the fitting of the countertops. Hiring installation companies like Granite Nations will help the whole process. Whether you’re considering granite countertops or other options, professional assistance ensures a seamless and satisfying outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are quartz countertops glued to cabinets?

You can use construction glue or silicone adhesive to glue the quartz countertops to the cabinets. This is how are quartz countertops attached to cabinets.

How do you secure quartz countertops to cabinets?

You can use silicone adhesive or construction glue to secure the quartz countertops to the cabinets.

Does quartz sit directly on cabinets?

You can set the quartz directly on the cabinets. However, applying construction glue or silicone will secure the cabinet and quartz.

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