Can the Granite Countertops be messed up?

House owners believe that the granite countertops cannot be messed up. However, everything seems to have a little weakness. It is the tough and rough nature of the granite that makes the countertops in the kitchen seemingly indestructible.

However, there are several reasons that lead to the damage of the granite countertops. Let us explore some of them and learn how to treat the granite countertops right.

Cleaning with the wrong materials
Want to keep the countertop smooth and free of bacteria? Then, make sure to clean them regularly without any ado. However, you need to make sure that you use the right cleaning materials in order to prevent any damage to the surface. Never use the following products on the granite countertops-

  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Bathtub, Bathroom, and Tile Cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Generic Cleaning items with strong acidic or alkaline in nature

Keep the abrasive ingredients that help clean surfaces away from the granite countertops. These abrasives eat away the granite sealant making it more susceptible and vulnerable to damages due to the external environment.

Therefore, if you want to keep the countertop clean and smooth without any damage, then use a soft washcloth, mild soap, and warm water. The granite countertop not only gets protected but also retains its health and stays bacteria free for your healthy cooking. No matter how dirty and how tempted you are to use those abrasives, just do not. They are only going to damage the countertop further.

If you believe that the granite countertop has lost its efficiency and shine or needs to be replaced, then you must call up a professional. Reach out to the experts at Granite Nations. Here the experts are all well versed with every kind of granite you have or ask for in the house. Just consult them and discuss the issue you have with the countertop, they shall come up with the most efficient and budget-friendly options or plan for you. Contact the professionals today and get a quote for your needs in the granite countertops.

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